Car Title Loans

Conditions to obtain a car loan

Any bank, any credit organization, ensures that the borrower is able to repay his credit before making him a loan offer. When buying a vehicle, the conditions for obtaining a car loan are no exception to the rule. Explanations.

Criteria for accepting a car loan: sufficient and sustainable income

Criteria for accepting a car loan: sufficient and sustainable income

Disposable income is the first element to be examined by the funding agency. Indeed, the borrower or the co-borrowers must present sufficient resources to hope for the acceptance of the car loan. Banks do prefer perennial income, but not everyone is a public servant. The income taken into account is therefore not limited to wages.

Pension, retirement, rental income, unemployment benefits, income of the self-employed, allowances, dividends … all income can strengthen the file. To demonstrate that the car credit conditions are met, the applicant will be required, as appropriate, to submit the following documents:

  • payslip;
  • tax notice;
  • tax returns to URSSAF;
  • various certificates justifying other resources.

Conditions for accepting a car loan: measured charges

Conditions for accepting a car loan: measured charges

To study a car loan application, it is also necessary to inquire about the charges of the applicants. Having a high level of income does not mean that one fulfills the conditions for obtaining a car loan.

The composition of the household as well as the age of the borrower (s) are also examined, as well as the financial situation. Owning your home can be an asset, provided that the current loan does not have a large impact on the rest of your life.

Auto credit: a debt ratio below 33%

Auto credit: a debt ratio below 33%

With the information collected, the lender will be able to calculate the debt ratio of the applicant. This is the key element of the acceptance conditions. A ratio is achieved between the declared income and expenses (other credits in progress).

The debt ratio should never, in theory, exceed the 33% threshold. Among the acceptance criteria, the amount of capital to borrow and the monthly payments to be reimbursed from this car loan are therefore decisive. Note that the duration of repayment of consumer loans is limited. This is why the coherence of the acquisition project is also at stake.

Modify the credit agreement retrospectively.


Life is a constant change – whether it is a place of work, place of residence or marital status: certain circumstances change regularly in our lives, which require that the rest of everyday life be adapted to it. A new job often requires a move, but a new salary requires an adjustment of the financial plan.

Anyone who is currently repaying a loan from the bank should not miss to adapt this part of their lives to the changes in everyday life. For most banks, it is not a problem to change certain factors, such as moving or new bank details in the loan agreement. A written notification of the change request to the bank changes certain information in the contract – additional costs usually do not arise for the borrower.

Report changes to the loan agreement in writing

Report changes to the loan agreement in writing

It gets a little more complicated if the borrower’s financial scope changes noticeably during the term of the loan: If a salary adjustment or a change of job leads to the consumer suddenly having significantly more or less money to repay the loan debt, the bank should must be reported. The monthly repayment rate can usually be changed without problems even after the contract has been signed.

Depending on whether the repayment rate is reduced or increased, the term of the loan also changes and, under certain circumstances, the loan interest due. At most banks, even after signing the contract and paying out the loan, it is possible to increase the amount of money borrowed.

However, the consumer must also notify the bank of this request in writing. If the bank agrees to the increase in the loan amount, however, the other loan terms usually also change: In a new contract, the adjusted repayment rate, the term and the changed interest rate are recorded.

Improve credit conditions through subsequent collateral

Improve credit conditions through subsequent collateral

Often, consumers also have the opportunity to improve their credit conditions after signing the contract and paying out the amount of money: through additional loan collateral that will be offered to the bank afterwards, the inclusion of a second borrower or a security such as a property or life insurance can usually also be offered to the bank retrospectively.

As the bank has a lower risk of default due to the additional loan security, the credit terms can be cheaper for the consumer. Just like all other subsequent changes, the inclusion of additional security must be communicated to the bank in writing.

Short term debt – is it possible?

There is always a way to get out of debt. And despite appearances, financial problems do not have to be an obstacle to your next loan.

What conditions must be met to apply for payday loans for those in debt, and even payday loans for indebted unemployed with a bad history at Credit Information?  

You can get instant cash for the indebted even via the Internet. Learn how to do it and compare payday loans for debtors in Credit Information and GFI, as well as payday loans for debtors without certificates.

Online payday loans for the indebted and a bank loan

Online payday loans for the indebted and a bank loan

Advantages of payday loans for those in debt: you can quickly settle previous commitments, you can quickly complete the forms, in some cases, you can do all the formalities without leaving your home, you can apply for a payday with debt collectors or payday loans without Credit Information and GFI; at the bank it is impossible. Cons of online payday loans for those in debt:

Short repayment period – if your situation does not improve, you will have to extend the repayment of quick payday debt, which is usually associated with higher liability costs,

Advantages of a bank loan:

Advantages of a bank loan:

in the bank, you can insure yourself against job loss, illness or suspend the repayment of debts,

if you have been a customer for a long time, you can get a loan for proof very quickly.

Disadvantages of a bank loan: the need to verify in the debtors’ databases, e.g. in the National Register of Debtors (GFI),

If you are not a regular customer and do not have an online account, you probably won’t get a loan online.

Instant check-up online check offers for you A payday? Not at the bank


Before the bank pays you the amount of money it needs, it will verify your liquidity . Therefore, unlike payday loans online, where sometimes you only need proof to receive money, you will need to provide your employer with a certificate and a “clean” Credit Information.

Do not count on payday loans for those in debt in Credit Information and GFI – if you are in a difficult situation, go directly to non-bank loan companies.

Before you decide which product to choose, compare the current offers of payday loans for those in debt and other payday loans for those in debt.

Can you get a payday ID for those in debt?


Lending money to a person who does not repay his previous obligations involves a high risk for the institution. In loan companies, however, the rules for granting loans for payday loans to those in debt are somewhat more liberal.

The entry in the Credit Information does not prevent your chances of receiving payday pay, especially if it concerns a minor matter. If you have a bad situation in Credit Information and you go to a bank that will check it, you do not have to count on an additional source of financing.

A payday for those in debt who earn little

In institutions that grant payday loans for those in debt, the rules on what percentage of your salary should remain after paying all debts and obligations are also less restrictive. Here, the account is taken of the fact that sometimes the situation on paper does not reflect reality, and the client may also have other sources of income than those resulting from the contract signed with the employer.

Will they check you in Credit Information and GFI?

Companies providing payday loans online can check your credit history in such registers, but what grade you have does not disqualify you as a customer.

Also, institutions that offer payday loans for those in debt without Credit Information and GFI can check your history in these databases, but still decide to give you payday loans for those in debt online. If your situation in Credit Information and GFI is very difficult, look for such offers in which customers are not x-rayed in these registers.

Credit Information, or Credit Information Bureau, collects information about all financial obligations of persons. The database is being scanned by institutions granting loans and credits to verify their clients. His score in the Credit InformationU you can see by downloading a report from the. It used to be free; today, a single report costs USD 39.

Are there payday loans with debt collectors?


The specter of bailiff execution discourages the para bank from borrowing money. The only way for you to be able to successfully apply for payday loans for those in debt in this situation is to find a company that will not verify your situation in Credit Information or GFI.

Otherwise, your application will probably be rejected immediately. Therefore, people with bailiff problems can only count on payday loans for those in debt without Credit Information and GFI.

A loan without Credit Information will not miss these offers


When applying for payday loans with a debt collector, you must also take into account that if the debt collector takes your money, you will not be able to pay back the loan and the debt will start rising quickly.

Therefore, look for a company that allows you to pay off your debt by a postal order or directly at the branch. These are increasingly rare payment options, but they happen, especially in companies whose services are intended for, e.g. the elderly.

For what period can I take a cash loan?

Probably cash loans are the most popular way to get extra money that will allow you to finance sudden expenses. However, for what period it is best to take a cash loan so that it is the most profitable, but also that it does not burden your budget too much.

In most banks you can take a cash loan for min. 3 months, and its maximum duration is up to 10 years.


Loan period and creditworthiness

Loan period and creditworthiness

The loan period has a huge impact on your creditworthiness. After all, the cash loan installment you choose cannot charge your monthly budget. That is why sometimes the choice of a longer loan period will be much better – thanks to this, the monthly load will be lower and the chances for a cash loan will increase.

On-line cash loan

Online cash loan

You can find online cash loans on the market from most banks on the market. The period for which you can get such a loan usually does not differ from those taken at bank branches.

Early repayment of cash loan

cash loan

Typically, banks allow for early repayment of the loan . However, don’t forget to check your credit agreement to see if the bank will charge you an additional fee. It is worth paying attention to this already when signing the contract with the bank.

Cheap cash loan

Cheap cash loan

The cheapest cash loans are, of course, the ones you take for the shortest period. The longer the repayment period, the more you pay for it. In addition, it’s good to know that if you apply for a small amount for a short period of time, you’ll be able to apply for a cash loan without earnings statements.

If you don’t know how to get the cheapest cash loan, it’s best to compare credit products prepared by banks. You can do it using a comparison tool, there you will also compare cash loans without BIK.

Finance your dream wedding cheaply with an installment loan.


Planning a wedding can be a very nerve-wracking and exhausting task for the newlyweds – in addition to the perfect dress, the right location, the right food, the right table decoration and many other small and large details have to be selected, ordered and organized.

The expenses that the happy couple has to spend on arranging their dream wedding seem to be infinite. Since many of these expenses have to be made before the “big day” and therefore a large amount of money has to be raised within a very short time, the bride and groom should look for a suitable source of finance in good time if the saved capital is not sufficient for the perfect dream wedding.

With the right wedding credit, the most beautiful day of your life will be perfect

With the right wedding credit, the most beautiful day of your life will be perfect

In order to avoid having to turn over every euro twice to plan their wedding or to have to forego certain things holistically, many couples in Germany are now taking out a loan for their wedding. Financing the wedding and the subsequent celebration with a bank loan is currently a very inexpensive decision: Interest rates for consumer loans in Germany are at an all-time low – cheaper than now, consumers could no longer borrow money from the bank for a long time.

When choosing the right wedding loan, the soon to be married couple should make sure that the bank enables their customers to make free special repayments during the repayment of the loan. In addition to the monthly repayment installments contractually agreed with the bank, borrowers can then make unscheduled payments and thereby reduce the outstanding loan amount.

Money gifts from friends and relatives can be used to quickly repay the loan. This not only shortens the term – the total loan costs, which correspond to the sum of interest and principal, are also reduced in this way.

Joint borrowing ensures better conditions

Joint borrowing ensures better conditions

However, the future spouses should pay attention not only to free special repayments, but also to the effective annual interest due on the loan when comparing different wedding loans. To a certain extent, the bride and groom can even influence how high the interest the bank charges on loaning the money: If the future spouses apply for the loan for their wedding together, the higher credit rating usually ensures lower loan interest.

If a loan default occurs during the repayment phase, the joint loan application increases the security for the bank. In this case, the bank can seize the salaries of both borrowers to pay the outstanding debt. It is important for the joint application that both borrowers are employed indefinitely and have a Credit Bureau file without a negative entry. Celebrate the best day of your life with your friends and families without having to look at the money – with a cheap loan for your dream wedding!

The available credit for families with children.

Families with children may need funding at various points. It starts at the moment when the youngsters see the light of day and the small car is not enough to carry the stroller. Many of the new parents would also like to improve from the living situation. Then for many, the wish for a small house with a garden is at the top of their wish list.

Loans for families with children and a wide variety of wishes

Loans for families with children and a wide variety of wishes

There are very special loans in the form of car loans and real estate loans, especially for the two requests mentioned. Such dedicated loans always have advantages and disadvantages. A real estate loan can usually be obtained at low interest rates due to collateralization via liens. However, the achievable interest rate advantage requires additional expenses that arise from the costs of registering the liens. Bank closing fees for a dedicated loan for families with children are also quite respectable.

With classic car loans, the lenders require collision insurance as security and this also causes additional costs, which often even outperform the interest advantages. If you compare the loan offers, you should therefore not only concentrate on the interest, but always compare the complete loan costs including ancillary costs.

Sponsored loan interesting for families with children

Sponsored loan interesting for families with children

If you are looking for a home, you can also use the promotional loan to be requested through the house bank. It can be obtained for the new building as well as for the renovation of an old building if the requirements of the energy guidelines for Lite Lender’s energy-saving houses are met.

Funded loans, like unrestricted consumer loans, have the advantage that interim repayments are always possible without prepayment penalties. Long terms and low interest rates with a long fixed interest period complete the list of plus points.

Consumer credit as a loan for families with children

Consumer credit as a loan for families with children

If the parents are employed and have successfully passed the trial period stipulated in the employment contract, the non-earmarked consumer credit could also be used as a loan for families with children. It is characterized by short processing times and mostly no closing fees. When choosing the provider, it depends on the personal economic situation. If you have a good income and a “clean” Credit Bureau, you will often get away with a credit-dependent interest rate.

All other interested parties are advised to take advantage of the offers, which set the same interest rates for all customers. In terms of the possible amount, consumer loans are now also suitable as real estate financing, since sums of up to USD 100,000 are sufficient for some banks as non-earmarked loans for families with children.

Loan buy-back: instructions for use

Here is how a credit buyback operation works.

Credit repurchase: the basis of this financing

Credit repurchase: the basis of this financing

A repurchase or consolidation of credit (the two terms indicate the same operation) is a banking operation which consists in combining several loans into one. In fact, the credits concerned are settled and the remaining sums due are carried over to a new credit contract.

This new loan offer contains the same terms as a conventional loan: rate, duration, monthly payment and optional insurance. The advantage of buying back credit is to reduce the amount of the new monthly payment by lengthening the repayment period.

Nature of the loan

Nature of the loan

Law specifies that there are two types of loan consolidation: the so-called consumer buyout and the so-called real estate buyout. In fact, it is the share of mortgage loans to be taken over which determines the nature of the new loan. If this share is greater than 60% (compared to the total sums to be taken over), then this is a buyout of mortgage, if the share is less than 60%, it is therefore a buyout of consumer loan.

The costs related to this financing

The costs related to this financing

A credit consolidation is not free, the operation may incur costs when it is set up. First, the application fees. The arrangement of this type of financing is more complex than a conventional loan and requires more supporting documents. Early repayment of loans can also lead to compensation (depending on the contract), up to a maximum of 3%. The guarantee request (mortgage via the notary, bond) can also be a source of costs.

Steps to take

Steps to take

A borrower can call on his bank or a banking intermediary to request the consolidation of his credits. His bank will then rely on its own funds to make a proposal. If the bank does not offer these types of financing, the borrower can turn to an agent, broker. It is an organization which acts as the intermediary between the borrower and the credit institutions which exclusively finance loan repurchases. Lending companies also offer a free, no-obligation study via its online request form.

Purchase of loans between individuals: principle and simulation


Following the decline in your purchasing power and the financial difficulties you have faced, taking out a consumer loan in addition to a mortgage in progress with a financial institution was your last resort and, today Loan monthly payments restrict your financial comfort? Think about buying credits.

Insofar as, the proposals and conditions for buying back credits formulated by financial institutions do not seem to reduce your debt situation without too many constraints, opt for buying back loans between individuals.

Redemption of loans between individuals: how does it work?

Redemption of loans between individuals: how does it work?

Owner, tenant or lodger, have you had to take out consumer and mortgage loans from your bank to maintain your standard of living and are you having trouble paying your debts? In this case, it is advisable to restructure your debts by grouping them into a single loan in order to obtain a single monthly payment, generally less than the sum of all the monthly payments.

This banking operation will allow you to better manage your budget while reducing your monthly repayment.

You are the subject of a filing at the bank and are no longer able to obtain a credit buyout from your bank? Buying back loans between individuals is an alternative.

Recently arrived in the country and now very widespread on the internet, the repurchase of loans between individuals is established between 2 physical persons and this, without banking intervention.

Advantages of loan

Advantages of loan

It offers the advantage:

  • get a single interest rate (more negotiable than a bank rate) and thus reduce your monthly payments.

  • renegotiate your repayment terms without increasing the total amount of the credit too much, compared to its initial cost.

To choose this solution, send your request free of charge and without obligation, on our site by filling out the dedicated form.

You will then receive offers to buy back credit from a few individuals. It’s up to you to choose and seal with an explicit contract, the proposal that seems the most advantageous and thus, apprehend your end of the month with peace of mind.

Note that the signing of an acknowledgment of debt indicating the name of the parties, the date, the amount of the loan and the terms of repayment is necessary. In addition, this financial alternative formalized by a notary in the presence of both parties is strongly recommended in order to avoid scams and / or disputes.

Refinancing loan – what is it and when is it worth using it

Mortgages are in most cases liabilities for a dozen or so, if not for several dozen years. During this period, the financial market changes radically, and with its mortgage offers.

Sometimes, soon after you make a commitment, you discover much better offers. What to do then It is worth considering a refinancing loan.

First of all, a refinancing loan is not a consolidation loan, although due to some similarities, many people confuse both financial products.

A consolidation loan is most often used to combine liabilities: various types of loans. In turn, a refinancing loan is a solution that allows you to transfer your liability from one bank to another.

Refinancing loan – who can take advantage of it?


Refinancing loans can be taken by people who have a mortgage. The essence of such a solution is the conversion of one liability into a loan with definitely better terms. By design, these are solutions for people who for various reasons are not satisfied with their current commitment.

If you belong to the group of these borrowers, it is worth that you sit down earlier with the loan agreement, analyze your commitment and compare it with other offers on the market. Current mortgage offers can be found on our comparison website or by clicking on the banner below.

When is the loan refinancing profitable?


A refinancing loan is a repayment by means of another commitment, it is a popular solution. The financial market is dynamic, which is why the chances of a clearly better offer appearing are possible in a very short time after taking a loan.

Remember that the amount of your monthly mortgage is based on factors such as:

  • interest rate,
  • 3M WIBOR,
  • Bank margin.

Although you have no influence on the first factor, the amount of the margin depends on the contract you have negotiated with the bank.

And it is on the bank’s margin that you can “win” a lot when it comes to reducing the cost of your monthly mortgage commitment.

Even if your loan was granted on good terms when you signed the contract with the bank, you are still not sure that there are no better offers at the moment. Where to look for the best mortgage offers? Follow our monthly rankings.

You may want to consider refinancing your loan if you have several mortgages. Depending on the design of the contract, this may be a good option if your earnings have improved and you want to pay off your debt faster. Regardless of your commitment, a good refinancing loan will allow you to reduce your monthly mortgage installment.

Credit refinancing – what to look for?


If you complain about the terms of your commitment, then just like when choosing your first loan, it’s not worth rashing refinancing. It is prudent to check as many offers as possible and carefully analyze the components of the offers step by step.

Remember that the attractiveness of a refinancing loan depends not only on the lower price of the new loan but also on all additional fees that you will have to incur when deciding to transfer the liability. The group of costs of servicing new debt usually includes:

  • Commission of the bank that will grant the refinancing loan,
  • Fee for the earlier repayment of the transferred liability,
  • Court fees required (change of mortgage in the land and mortgage register),
  • Fees related to securing a new loan.

Only after taking into account all the costs mentioned can you find the given refinancing loan offer attractive.

What to do if the refinancing doesn’t pay?


If you have thoroughly checked the offers of banks that grant refinancing loans and you know that this type of solution will not bring you measurable benefits, it is worth deciding to renegotiate your liability. Remember that not every bank can agree to such an operation, but it’s always worth trying.

If you have enough determination to try to change the terms of the offer, remember that this is just the beginning of the road.

Each request for renegotiation of the mortgage is considered individually, so you are not sure that the bank will invite you for an interview at all. When this happens, you can collide with a polite but firm “no” or receive a proposal tied transaction.

If the bank is willing to reduce the rate that appears on your loan agreement, it may be a condition to use additional products. Remember that a smaller installment for a mortgage is not always profitable when, for example, you have committed to using an expensive credit card.

Another trap during renegotiation can be a fee for an annex to the contract and a re-valuation of the property on which you purchased the mortgage.