Modify the credit agreement retrospectively.


Life is a constant change – whether it is a place of work, place of residence or marital status: certain circumstances change regularly in our lives, which require that the rest of everyday life be adapted to it. A new job often requires a move, but a new salary requires an adjustment of the financial plan.

Anyone who is currently repaying a loan from the bank should not miss to adapt this part of their lives to the changes in everyday life. For most banks, it is not a problem to change certain factors, such as moving or new bank details in the loan agreement. A written notification of the change request to the bank changes certain information in the contract – additional costs usually do not arise for the borrower.

Report changes to the loan agreement in writing

Report changes to the loan agreement in writing

It gets a little more complicated if the borrower’s financial scope changes noticeably during the term of the loan: If a salary adjustment or a change of job leads to the consumer suddenly having significantly more or less money to repay the loan debt, the bank should must be reported. The monthly repayment rate can usually be changed without problems even after the contract has been signed.

Depending on whether the repayment rate is reduced or increased, the term of the loan also changes and, under certain circumstances, the loan interest due. At most banks, even after signing the contract and paying out the loan, it is possible to increase the amount of money borrowed.

However, the consumer must also notify the bank of this request in writing. If the bank agrees to the increase in the loan amount, however, the other loan terms usually also change: In a new contract, the adjusted repayment rate, the term and the changed interest rate are recorded.

Improve credit conditions through subsequent collateral

Improve credit conditions through subsequent collateral

Often, consumers also have the opportunity to improve their credit conditions after signing the contract and paying out the amount of money: through additional loan collateral that will be offered to the bank afterwards, the inclusion of a second borrower or a security such as a property or life insurance can usually also be offered to the bank retrospectively.

As the bank has a lower risk of default due to the additional loan security, the credit terms can be cheaper for the consumer. Just like all other subsequent changes, the inclusion of additional security must be communicated to the bank in writing.

Short term debt – is it possible?

There is always a way to get out of debt. And despite appearances, financial problems do not have to be an obstacle to your next loan.

What conditions must be met to apply for payday loans for those in debt, and even payday loans for indebted unemployed with a bad history at Credit Information?  

You can get instant cash for the indebted even via the Internet. Learn how to do it and compare payday loans for debtors in Credit Information and GFI, as well as payday loans for debtors without certificates.

Online payday loans for the indebted and a bank loan

Online payday loans for the indebted and a bank loan

Advantages of payday loans for those in debt: you can quickly settle previous commitments, you can quickly complete the forms, in some cases, you can do all the formalities without leaving your home, you can apply for a payday with debt collectors or payday loans without Credit Information and GFI; at the bank it is impossible. Cons of online payday loans for those in debt:

Short repayment period – if your situation does not improve, you will have to extend the repayment of quick payday debt, which is usually associated with higher liability costs,

Advantages of a bank loan:

Advantages of a bank loan:

in the bank, you can insure yourself against job loss, illness or suspend the repayment of debts,

if you have been a customer for a long time, you can get a loan for proof very quickly.

Disadvantages of a bank loan: the need to verify in the debtors’ databases, e.g. in the National Register of Debtors (GFI),

If you are not a regular customer and do not have an online account, you probably won’t get a loan online.

Instant check-up online check offers for you A payday? Not at the bank


Before the bank pays you the amount of money it needs, it will verify your liquidity . Therefore, unlike payday loans online, where sometimes you only need proof to receive money, you will need to provide your employer with a certificate and a “clean” Credit Information.

Do not count on payday loans for those in debt in Credit Information and GFI – if you are in a difficult situation, go directly to non-bank loan companies.

Before you decide which product to choose, compare the current offers of payday loans for those in debt and other payday loans for those in debt.

Can you get a payday ID for those in debt?


Lending money to a person who does not repay his previous obligations involves a high risk for the institution. In loan companies, however, the rules for granting loans for payday loans to those in debt are somewhat more liberal.

The entry in the Credit Information does not prevent your chances of receiving payday pay, especially if it concerns a minor matter. If you have a bad situation in Credit Information and you go to a bank that will check it, you do not have to count on an additional source of financing.

A payday for those in debt who earn little

In institutions that grant payday loans for those in debt, the rules on what percentage of your salary should remain after paying all debts and obligations are also less restrictive. Here, the account is taken of the fact that sometimes the situation on paper does not reflect reality, and the client may also have other sources of income than those resulting from the contract signed with the employer.

Will they check you in Credit Information and GFI?

Companies providing payday loans online can check your credit history in such registers, but what grade you have does not disqualify you as a customer.

Also, institutions that offer payday loans for those in debt without Credit Information and GFI can check your history in these databases, but still decide to give you payday loans for those in debt online. If your situation in Credit Information and GFI is very difficult, look for such offers in which customers are not x-rayed in these registers.

Credit Information, or Credit Information Bureau, collects information about all financial obligations of persons. The database is being scanned by institutions granting loans and credits to verify their clients. His score in the Credit InformationU you can see by downloading a report from the. It used to be free; today, a single report costs USD 39.

Are there payday loans with debt collectors?


The specter of bailiff execution discourages the para bank from borrowing money. The only way for you to be able to successfully apply for payday loans for those in debt in this situation is to find a company that will not verify your situation in Credit Information or GFI.

Otherwise, your application will probably be rejected immediately. Therefore, people with bailiff problems can only count on payday loans for those in debt without Credit Information and GFI.

A loan without Credit Information will not miss these offers


When applying for payday loans with a debt collector, you must also take into account that if the debt collector takes your money, you will not be able to pay back the loan and the debt will start rising quickly.

Therefore, look for a company that allows you to pay off your debt by a postal order or directly at the branch. These are increasingly rare payment options, but they happen, especially in companies whose services are intended for, e.g. the elderly.