Website Compliment

What GREAT work you are doing with the library web site. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

Thank you for the compliment, we will continue to improve the website. This Suggestion Form is another way for patrons to give ideas on how to make the library better. Check the blog often for future ideas and suggestions.
Barb Giordano
Melrose Park Library

Our New Suggestion Box

Welcome to our new Suggestions Blog. Here we will address many of your submitted suggestions, thoughts, and ideas. While we are already available to you via telephone, email, and IM, this new suggestions form offers anonymity.

New Look for Media On Demand

New Login Procedure for Media on Demand

Enter library barcode

Located on the back of your Melrose Park library card

Date due receipts

Checking out has a whole new look,
No more messy slips in your books.
So you will know when it’s due,
We’ll print a receipt just for you.
This handy reminder of the date,
Will help you avoid being late.

Save paper and avoid fines,
By checking your account online.                                   



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