Day Three

Here is more on the progress we're making:


Look at what the wall used to look like before the first renovation!

More books packed

We have been clearing those shelves and packing those books!

empty shelves

Day One

Check out what we did on day one of our renovation! Just getting everything packed and taken down. 

Where the computers used to be

This is where the typing and early literacy computers used to be.

Books Packed

Look at all the books packed away!

Under Construction Display

  Our Youth room is almost under construction. Here is our display. You have until Friday, October 30 to check out books from our Youth room before we start renovations to make a better Youth room for you!

MPPL youth materials will not be requestable or renewable beginning 10/23

Youth Services renovations start soon, and you won't be able to request (place holds) or renew items in our J and YA collections starting October 23rd 2015. You will be able to continue placing holds on materials at other libraries. You can even choose where you would like to pick up those materials.

Popular Series

Looking at recent New York Times Best-Sellers, you will find that some of the most popular titles are part of on-going series. Want to learn more about a certain character or look back at previous titles in a series? Here is a list of four popular series and the books they contain.

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