Computers, Internet and Wi-Fi

Computer Access

The Library provides free Internet access computer stations to Melrose Park Library patrons with a valid/good standing Melrose Park Library card. Non Melrose Park library card holders pay a fee for use the Internet access computer stations (excluding the express stations).

Users of the Internet access computers can view graphics and/or text, print text files, and access Web-based e-mail accounts. Microsoft Office applications are available on the Public Internet access PC stations and on the Word processing computers in the Adult Department and the game computers in the Youth Services Department.

Youth Services Department allows youth under the age of 18 with a valid/good standing Melrose Park Public library card, in good standing and a parent signature on their account signifying they may access the computers.

Use of the Public Internet Access Computers:

1. The Library provides Express Internet access Stations. The following guidelines apply to these computers:
  Maximum of 15 minutes in one session of use.
2. The Library provides Public Internet access stations. The following guidelines apply to these computers:

  •   Computer users must present a valid/good standing Melrose Park Library card
  •   Library card holders are limited to 3 reservation sessions per day. Sessions will be shortened in terms of both initial length and number and length of extensions if another user has a pre-existing reservation on the user's computer (example: User A has a reservation at 3:00; user B, signing on at 2:15, without a reservation, user B will receive a 45-minute session with no extensions).
  •   Non Melrose Park card holders who pay a fee are limited to a 1.5-hour initial session if time and demand for computers allows. Time extensions will be granted if not prevented by other reservations, extensions become available prior to the end of a session.
  •   If not prevented by other reservations, extensions are available.
  •   Computers are available from the time the Library opens until 15 minutes before closing time; all sessions automatically end 15 minutes prior to closing .Users are made aware of the time available.
  •   The minimum session time is 10 minutes; a user cannot sign in on a computer if it has a reservation starting in the next 5 minutes, nor can a user sign on within 25 minutes of closing time (because all sessions end 15 minutes before closing time).
  •   Computers may not be reserved in advance.
  •   Reserved computers are held for 5 minutes after the start of the reservation, after which the computer becomes available to any user.
  •   Signing in late (up to 5 minutes) to a reservation does not extend the session past the original end time of the reservation.
  •   If a user signs in (on any computer) within 1 hour of the start of the user's reservation, the reservation is moved up to the current time and computer (if it was for a different computer). Signing in more than an hour before a reservation is treated as an additional session; the reservation is not affected.
  •   All computer stations are available on a first-come; first-served basis to users who have not exceeded their reservation allotment.
  •   Files downloaded to the C drive (the hard drive) will not be retrievable. You may download files to your own flash drive or diskette at any computer. Diskettes and Flash Drives are available for purchase.
  • Printing is available from all Public Internet access computers for a fee.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet)

The Melrose Park Public Library provides free unfiltered wireless (WiFi) access for patrons to use their personal laptop computers or other WiFi-enabled portable computing devices to connect to the Internet. By choosing to use the Library's WiFi service, the user agrees to abide by the Library's Wireless Network User Agreement (below). All relevant Library rules, regulations and policies apply, including but not limited to, the Internet Access Policy.

Using the MPPL WiFi Network

  • The Library's WiFi network can be accessed from any wireless enabled device.
  • If your computer is properly configured, it should connect to the WiFi network automatically; if it lists multiple networks, select MPLibrary. There is no time limit on using the WiFi network; stay connected as long as you like.
  • The WiFi network does not provide the ability to print the library’s printers. Though the network is designed to cover the entire Library, including the Youth Services Department. No guarantee is made for signal strength or availability.
  •  You need to know how to configure your computer for WiFi network access; Library staff cannot provide technical assistance.