Stay & Play

Participate in our lively and interactive weekly playtime for great fun with stories, music, puzzles, and toys. For families with children 5 years old or younger.                                                  

Super Karaoke

Do you love to sing along with your favorite songs? If so, this is your chance to grab the microphone. Join us for a night of singing, listening to good music, and enjoying snacks!

Super Science

Explore with us the magic of science! We will enjoy some fun activities & do some amazing experiments. Grades 2-6.         

Superhero Bingo

Come in and play a special superhero themed bingo game.  Everyone will have fun and win prizes! Grades K-6.                                                                       

Super Villains

Have you ever wondered how a villain becomes a villain? We will read some stories, create our own villains, and find out! Grades 2-5.

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