Summer Wedding Menu Ideas

With rising temperatures and summer time, what better way to prepare a succulent summer wedding menu ideas than a kitchen that celebrates the season? For an inviting menu that’s sure to pamper guests and infuse all the flavors of the summer, opt for one of these delightful ideas.

Summer Wedding Menu

Ice-cold drinks

Let your guests have fun and start the holidays with a selection of cold and refreshing beverages. Keep the cocktails light – think mojitos, daquiris, and anything with a fruit liqueur. For children and the nonalcoholic crowd? Lemonade and roast bars are popular during the hot summer months. Serve in oversized glass jars garnished with fresh cut fruit.

Fresh entrees

Think cool when it comes to hot and tasty appetizers for cocktail hour or reception. Opt for fries, fresh vegetables with dip, or a shrimp cocktail garnished with lemons served on ice. Any miniature or similar to appetizers is also a hot trend for summer wedding menu ideas, so instead of a shrimp cocktail bar, serve individual shrimp on cups to the crêpes me. Ice cream. Other ideas include the service of mini-salads, gazpacho shots, or gourmet sliders (mini-burgers). For Other Information please visit

Striking entries

Summer is the ultimate season for grilling and grilling, so why not try a lighter meat like chicken or grilled fish, instead of the traditional heavy starter (steak or pork, for example)? You can also bring fruity flavors to add a more seasonal style, such as grilled salmon topped with pineapple and mango sauce or chicken with lime and tequila. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, try an upscale picnic style menu with your favorite dressed foods. Possibilities are endless!

Watermelon – It’s hard to think of a fruit that better matches a summer menu than pastel! Whether used in salads, balls and served with decorative toothpicks, or simply sliced ​​and left to the appreciation of wedding guests, it will appeal to all !