Natural Living Area interior designs for small apartments

Natural sense has been revealed from front yard of the home. Plants make the front yard green. In the edge of the gate wall, bamboo and grass result natural living area sense. It doesn’t need to be too dense, because it just to introduces the natural atmosphere of the living area. Pots of plants can be put in the front of gate, so it will tell anybody that the home is in natural theme.

Modern kitchen style combined with traditional set of dining table. White and black kitchen set looks graceful and modern. But the kitchen becomes special with the existence of wood element in dining set. Wood table and bunch give traditional touch in modern kitchen. Black hanging lamp beautifully light up the room. then, the view of plants freshen it.

White room looks alive with small garden inside. Green plants give healthy scene in the kitchen and will grow up the appetite. It is kind of proper combination between wood table, grey floor and small garden near it. It reveals truly natural living area.

Living space flows to kitchen and dining area. It allows you to take a watch children while doing cooking. Grey sofa unites with grey floor and looks modern. It is put in the edge of the room to give more space for activity. The living area can also enjoy the nature from small garden near it.

Some bright paintings need to nail to make the room alive and colorful. There is even internal courtyard that brings beauty of nature inside the home and make a space between living space and bedrooms.

Natural living area is also applied in bathroom. Combination between white and brow looks natural and give warmth touch in the room. wood sink with white surface complete the natural modern bathroom. Holes on the wall allows sunlight breakthrough come to the bathroom with special lighting effect.
In the bedroom, dark wood still be used to give natural effect that has given in the living space. large room and white wall with dark wood element, make the bedroom felt cozy and warm.

Cream bed and little bit touch of light brown decorate kid’s bedroom It looks simple with some pots of plants put to make it fresher. Natural living area is created then.