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How to Dock a New Mobile Battery

As long as this may be friends curious how to Hack the New Mobile Battery is good and true. The use of batteries on the new mobile phone is very influential on the performance of mobile phones that will be used so on. If the initial fault is wrong, then the battery performance is not working optimally. Sometimes the battery quickly run out (ngedrop), heat even until pregnant and so forth if wrong in doing the initial refill.

In order for the performance of the battery on the new mobile phone that we buy works well and optimally, the author will explain how How to Battery Dies New Mobile based on the author’s experience when working at the counter. In addition, the author also shared the experience through articles About Mobile, BlackBerry, and Android are certainly unique and interesting. Here’s an explanation of How to Battery a New Mobile Battery:

1. Charging the battery (ngecas) on the new mobile phone done for approximately 4-5 hours with the aim for optimal battery performance. So the charger should not be unplug or charging continued only if for approximately 2 hours new HP battery is full. Once again I confirm this is done only for new HP batteries, just buy and open the seal, not new buy but used download bokep jepang .

2. For charging the next battery is done to full course, so that means if the battery is full directly in the pull without waiting another 4-5 hours.

3. When charging a new HP battery, the HP condition must be turned on. Looh … first it’s dead kog now flame, keep that bener where donk .. ??? okay, I will explain deh … hehe so it is true battery charger used to be dead condition. That’s because the battery standard is still using Lithium Battery. Naaah … while for the standard battery currently used is Li-Ion Battery. So therein the difference .. To know the Lithium Battery or Li-Ion Battery we can see it on the front of the battery.

4. When doing battery charging in new mobile phones, mobile phone should not be used first for sms, phone or others. This is what will cause the battery hot, ngedrop, even pregnant. We recommend that when charging a new phone battery, simcard just released to avoid phone or incoming sms.

5. Lastly when buying, make sure the battery and charger include other original accessories. How to look at the seal of the HP brand that we buy. If there is no seal it must be in question.

That’s the explanation

Apple Needs 5 Years Working on iPhone X

Development of the iPhone X which will make its debut on the market will soon need a little time. Apple takes years for it until finally iPhone X is ready to be launched this year.

In an interview at New York City’s Tech Fest event last weekend, Chief Design Officer Jony Ive said the new iPhone development took half a decade or five years.

“The technology (iPhone X) was done for five years, and we have prototypes of this size,” said Jony Ive.

In other words when Apple launched the iPhone 5 which has a 4 inch screen in 2012, Apple has started working on the prototype iPhone X carrying a large screen measuring 5.8 inches.iPhone X 2018

Not without obstacles, iPhone X development is not as easy as imagined. Jony Ive said Apple encountered a lot of failures in working on a new generation iPhone that is not equipped with the Touch ID sensor.

“As much as 99 percent of the time spent (from 5 years), iPhone X development mostly failed,” said Jony Ive.

Despite facing many challenges, Jony Ive said the most memorable in the development of the iPhone X is not the finished product but the process to create an amazing product. also read: 4 Options of iPhone 8 Plus Case to Protect the Phone while Making It Look Attractive

“What I remember most is not about the product, but the manufacturing process,” says Jony Ive.

Regarding failure after failure Apple faced, Jony Ive said the failure was unattractive. He also admitted that Apple made many mistakes but he believed the mistake did not come from a slacker who believes things will not work.

Apple mentioned is a group of people who are worried. They are worried about people who generally think things are not going to work unless Apple is able to prove otherwise.

Previously, TrueDepth camera development that is able to recognize the user’s face also takes a long time. Apple has been preparing the technology for three years.

iPhone X itself will soon enter a number of world market on 3 November. With a long development time, no wonder the premium iPhone is priced starting 999 US dollars   will be successful in the market. also read: iPhone X Battery Review