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Beautiful WordPress Themes to Brighten Your Day

WordPress is not a word that would sound unfamiliar if spoken because now WordPress has become one of the largest open source applications in the world. At the beginning of the emergence of WordPress generally used as a blog engine intended for internet users who have a hobby to pour the variety of creative ideas into the form of digital writing. Along with the development of the WordPress, it became very popular because it looks very simple and can be tailored to the desires of each user. In addition, WordPress also has a variety of other interesting facilities such as free applications that can be used by various groups, multiuser because one WordPress blog can be used by many people so it often used as a blog community and text format facilities are very varied. In addition, one of the things that attract many users is a variety of themes that are very interesting with a variety of concepts. So this article will discuss beautiful WordPress themes which used the most.

Striker became one of the beautiful and most sought-after themes because it provides an easy way for beginners in terms of website and blog development. The striker has a main page with some very clear point buttons at the top of the page that make it easy for users to make some adjustments as desired. In addition, this theme also allows users to design a banner or logo in accordance with the wishes and creativity. Even its users can easily link other social media into WordPress pages. So that makes the Striker as beautiful WordPress themes for users who want freedom in creativity.

The next theme that is become the favorite of website developers is Massive Dynamic. Massive Dynamic will provide a new experience in terms of design to its users. Because this theme has been developed with CSS3 technology that allows the transition and animation. Therefore the users of this theme consider it as beautiful WordPress themes as it comes with some plugins that will automatically improve their performance.